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Golf is a type of sport that is played with the technique of hitting a golf ball with a stick called a club. Played individually or teams competing to insert balls into holes in the field.

On SBOBET and MAXBET online gambling you can place a bet for this sport, you can bet this sports soccer gambling on the sports type dropout menu contained in

In this opportunity we will state the types of conditions and bets you can place on the golf game. The following provisions and bets are provided for the golf game:

(a) Non Live Betting

1. 18 Holes Betting Head to Head
– The player with the lowest score above 18 holes (holes) will be the winner. Play-off is not counted in 18 Holes Betting Head to Head.
– If a player is disqualified or withdrawn after teeing off around the round, all running bets will not be valid unless the next round of play is opened where bets will be settled according to the original score.

2. 54/72 Holes Match
– Winners for betting 54/72 holes (holes) will be the player with the best finishing position at the end of the tournament classified as Play-off.
– If all players recorded in the CUT player have the lowest score when the CUT will be won.
– If one player loses a cut, the opponent is perceived as a winner unless the opponent is disqualified before the first player passes the cut.
– If a player is disqualified or withdrawn after starting, before completing two rounds or after both players have created CUT, the remaining player is perceived as the winner.
– If the player is disqualified in the 3rd or 4th round and the opponent has missed the CUT, the player who is disqualified will be deemed the winner because it has completed less than a few holes (holes) than his opponent.
– If both players are withdrawn or disqualified in the same round, all bets will be void.

3. Odd / Even
Bets are decided according to the number of points / goals (which produce odd or even numbers) in the match or series of matches where the bet is placed.

4. Outright
Outright bets involve the selection of winners in tournaments, competitions, leagues, or events both from the start and at the tournament, competition, league or event stages before the end of competition where the results have not yet been decided.

5. Over / Under
– Bets are decided according to the number of points / goals and others reached (resulting in a target number above or below the target number set) in the match or series of matches where the bet is placed.

6. Top 5 Finish
-Top 5 Finish is determined by the 5 best finishers. If more than one series player uses the same position, the terms DEAD HEAT apply to betting solutions.

7. Top 10 Finish
-Top 10 Finish is determined by the 10 best finishers. If more than one series player uses the same position, the terms DEAD HEAT apply to betting solutions.

(b) In Running (“Live”) Betting

1. 18 Holes Betting Head to Head
2. 54/72 Holes Match
3. Over / Under

(c) Scoring System

Type B Scoring applies (Type B score applies)

Formerly The owner of Sbobet Online Plans to Invite Sukamdi The Legend of Golf

Sukamdi The Legend

Since the amateur golf team championship with the theme “Putera Cup” was rolled out in 1961, Indonesia successfully brought the trophy of PM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj a total of five times in 1977,1978,1988,1992 and 1994. Of the 5 titles successfully won 3 of them while in the team Indonesian golf has the name Sukamdi.

Not only in the team numbers, golfer Puja Kesuma (Sumatran-born Javanese Son) showed his best performance. In the individual numbers also the Sukamdi game is truly the most amazing!

Together with Jayadi, Budiono and Ben Tumbel, Sukamdi successfully stole the Tunku Abdul Rahman rotating trophy to Indonesia. Then in 1992 Sukamdi together with Sanusi, Bahtiar Sanja and Ilyasak repeated the success that happened in 1988. While in 1994 the composition of the Indonesian golf team consisting of Sukamdi, Denny Supriyadi, Dana Machmud and Bahtiar Sanja again brought Indonesia’s name to an honorable position.

In the personal number Sukamdi also won 4 times each in 1988, 1992, 1994 and 1995. The success of this Kesuma Puja has never been matched by other Indonesian golfers.

Sukamdi’s career in golf began to climb when he was a junior. In 1977 he won the Presidential Cup of the Republic of Indonesia three times in a row. In addition, he also won Ali Said Cup 2 times and became the 1st runner-up of the Junior Open. In 1980 the father of 3 children won the Jakarta Circuit and Indonesia Amateur Open.

The owner of Sbobet Berencana wants to invite Sukamdi and make his online golf betting gambling website model. Where will it later give a lot of attractive promos to the members or bonuses for new members.

The peak of Sukamdi’s career in the arena of amateur golfer competition was when he successfully won an individual gold medal at the 1991 SEA Games in Manila. Meanwhile, before he moved to the pro, in 1977 he won the Singapore Amateur Open and was followed by Indonesia Amateur Open by beating Thongchai Jaidee. His fortune was increase significantly when He co-founding few sbobet agent that long lasting until now, those companies were majorily in online gambling where most of the games like are provided with hi-tech security and comfort.

However, the amateur golf legend in the country, his achievements dropped sharply after moving to pro in 2000. His moves at the PGPI Tour (now Indonesia PGA) were not as phenomenal when he was still crossing the amateur golf competition – both at the local, regional and international levels.

Meanwhile, Thongchai Jaidee, who most respects the existence of Sukamdi, after moving to his pro career continues to soar. Even former members of the Royal Thai Armed Forces are currently among the richest pros in the Southeast Asia area.

Indonesian Reason Only to Target Bronze Medals for Golfing at 2018 Asian Games

The Executive Board of the Indonesian Golf Association (PGI) is eyeing the target at least when following the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, which opens on August 18. Based on information from PB PGI secretary general, Christine Wiradinata said, it was only targeting one bronze for 7 Indonesian athletes who competed at the Asian Games later.

Golf Asian Games 2018 - Indonesia

Indonesia is supported by 4 male athletes and 3 female athletes at the Asian Games. Indonesian golfers are expected to maximize the benefits of being able to play at their own location or precisely Pondok Indah Golf, South Jakarta.

“We aspire to contribute just one bronze. It can come from sons and daughters. We have intensified the lessons including planting athletes who will compete in the Asian Games living in apartments near the golf course in the last six months,” Christine said.

Four male golfers who won the golf national team are Naraajie Emerald Ramadhan Putra, Kevin Ceasario Akbar, Jonathan Wijono and Almay Rayhan. Whereas the use of the daughter is reinforced by Rivani Adeli, Ribka Vania and Ida Ayu Melati Putri.

Not long ago, the seven golf national team athletes competed in the Indonesia Open which took place July 12-15 2018. “Based on the information from me the golf national team is strong enough to face the Asian Games later. Even in a number of championships, amateur golfers can defeat professional golfers,” Christine said, adding.

Christine said, the Indonesian Golf national team only needs to sharpen mentally. The problem is, he believes the skills of Indonesian golf athletes are on par with golfers from other countries.

“Capability is the same as other golfers. It’s just a mental problem. Golfers should be able to handle it because they play at their own location,” he said.

He revealed that Indonesian golfers always need to be positive when fighting. “I remember in the Malaysian SEA Games, your athletes performed poorly on the first day. But after another briefing, in three days they could catch up with silver,” he said.

Not burdened by the government

PB PGI said, the government did not put a burden on the target for golf sports. Only, Indonesia, said Christine, was about to end the dry medal at the Asian Games sports.

“At the previous Asian Games, you have never been able to get a medal. For the toughest opponents, maybe Thailand and Japan. In the women’s sector, maybe China. We should have won medals for this time,” he said.

Indonesian Beautiful Golfers Beware of Three Countries at 2018 Asian Games

The 2018 Asian Games will be rolling soon. A number of athletes from various sports continue to prepare themselves. No exception to the beautiful-looking Indonesian golfer, Rivani Adelia Sihotang.

The beautiful long-haired curly athlete continued to train in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. The 18-year-old Dara is studying for six days from Tuesday to Sunday.

In addition to observing the 2018 Asian Games event is getting closer, there are also three countries that he watches. South Korea, Japan and Thailand are the opponents faced on 24 August.

“Actually, the use of golf at the 2018 Asian Games is various players from amateurs to professionals. There is South Korea, Japan and Thailand quite good,” said Alet who found a scholarship to study abroad after the 2018 Asian Games.

Even so, the three countries did not shrink their determination to perform optimally. Moreover, Rivani and his friends have the advantage of being in a field that is not often used.

Rivani who understands the area on the right hole can force opponents to lag far behind. However, this Jakarta-born woman must continue to measure herself, especially to face Thai players.

“A Thai golfer who is still 14 years old is playing well. There is even a strong wind, but we know the direction. That’s the advantage,” he said.

Although from the Indonesian Golf Association (PGI) there is no emphasized gold medal target, Rivani has a big ambition. Having found a silver medal in Singapore in an individual number, Rivani is about to win gold at the 2018 Asian Games, especially in team numbers.

“From PGI there is no target. Anything that is urgent is a medal. But, I want to perform optimally with the team, it is very difficult to donate silver or at least bronze,” he concluded.

The games will be helded in Pondok Indah Golf Club Jakarta and you must buy tickets first to see it live in the venue. For the live streaming, you can always watch and monitor the game in daftar maxbet Indonesia. Keep supporting Indonesian’s Athlete guys.

Five SOEs Sponsors Indonesian Open Golf Championship 2018

This tournament is an honorary golf golf event of Indonesia. Two top Asian players, namely Gaganjeet Bhullar and Thaworn Wiratchant will participate in the golf tournament that has been held since 1974.

“There is always a positive vibration to me when I come to Indonesia. I do not often play good times,
especially in this field, which is one of the best I’ve played in a long time, “said Bhullar, a 29-year-old golfer who was the Indonesia Open champion years later and in 2013.

The year 2017 is a special year for the implementation of Indonesia Open. Four
government banks pass through Himbara (Association of State Owned Banks), namely BRI, BNI, Mandiri, and

BTN, and Telkom Indonesia to sponsor for this tournament. Besides that,
PB PGI became a direct implementer, without involving event organizer.

“In recent years, the government passed State Owned Enterprise (BUMN) has participated
give support. This year you get support from the government through Himbara
namely BRI, BNI, Mandiri, BTN, and Telkom Indonesia. With their support, this tournament
getting bigger and more prestigious. I hope this tournament can support the development of golf in Indonesia and in Asia. This will be a good opportunity for Indonesian players both professional and amateur, “explained Chairman of PB PGI, Murdaya Po.

As host, Indonesia found a ration of 20 pro players and 8 amateur golfers. Total 140 golfers from so many countries will participate in this tournament. The sponsors and agen poker online indonesia terpercaya are delighted to witness the enthusiasm of all foreign golfers to participate in this $ 300,000 tournament.

“The support of Bank BRI for the Indonesia Open 2017 event is a commitment format to help promote sports and tourism in Indonesia. Currently not a sports event just a match itself, but also wrapped responsibilities and nationalism, especially for Indonesia as the host. Hopefully, with success the implementation of Indonesia Open event 2017 will also increase the image of Indonesia in the eyes international, “explained Director of Institutional Relation Bank BRI Sis Apik Wijayanto.

BNI Consumer Business Director Anggoro Eko Cahyo revealed, BNI’s participation in supporting Indonesia Open 2017 is an effort to add awareness and reognition of BNI which is being transformed into Digital Financial Institution.

In the world of sports, BNI theme of Digisport activities are applied in the event of Indonesia Open 2017 online to echo the event through a digital network.

“As an element of Digisport, BNI strives to deliver the digital experience of each sport we support, such as live score in BNI experience software and hilite tournaments in social media and so many other digital experiences,” said Anggoro Eko Cahyo

“Through this international event, we want to be actively involved in the coaching of golf athletes domestic amateurs at the same time submit the experience of competing seara directly with golfer abroad. Our hope, all amateur golfers can hone skills to can achieve the best achievement here or in other golf arena, “said Maristella Tri Haryanti, Vice President of Bank Mandiri.

“The development of golf sport in Indonesia is quite encouraging where potential young seeds that will later represent Indonesia in each golf tournament. With the Indonesia Open tournament is desirable to motivate all the young seeds to the more achievers and achieve the best results. Therefore, Bank BTN strongly supports the 2017 Indonesia Open golf tournament, where this matter is a form of awareness of Bank BTN to the growth of the golf world of Indonesia, “explained Agus Susanto, Corsec BTN.

Josh Burack as CEO of Asian Tour admitted appreciation for this tournament. According to him, Indonesia Open is one of the national open that is familiar in Asia.

“On behalf of all our talented players, I would like to add our deepest appreciation to all sponsors for their commitment and support,” he said.

PB PGI and all sponsors invite the people of Indonesia to participate in watching this tournament directly.

Timnas Golf Indonesia to Asian Games 2018 Asah Taji at the Indonesia Open Golf Tournament

In the next two months the Executive Board of the Indonesian Golf Association (PB PGI) will face two major and important events, namely the Indonesia Open which will be held on 12 to 15 July 2018 and the 2018 Asian Games held from 23 to 24 August.

The 2018 Asian Games athletes will take advantage of Indonesia Open as a test event.

Both events will be held at Pondok Indah Golf Club, Jakarta. PB PGI was concentrated to prepare all athletes and organizers.

General Chairman of PB PGI, Murdaya Po wrote the event Indonesia Open 2018 deliberately held early because this event will be used as a test of the Indonesian National Team for the 2018 Asian Games.

“Indonesia Open 2018 will make us a skill craft before being deployed to the 2018 Asian Games, for these athletes I hope to be able to take advantage of the best,” said Murdaya Po in a press conference at Pine Room Pondok Indah Golf, Thursday (7/6 / 2018).

Admittedly, although the Indonesia Open event is a professional golfer, but Indonesian golfers who are prepared to the Asian Games can perform.

“Everything is to increase the flying hours of our golf athletes,” said Murdaya Po.

Based on the information from Murdaya, with more and less playing in international level tournaments, Indonesian athletes can get a little progress because they will increasingly know the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Renananya in this event PB PGI will lower the athletes of the son of the Asian Games.

“All selected players in the Asian Games play a chance to perform at the Indonesia Open 2018. It is expected that the more prestigious foreign players will be compared with last year and we will accelerate the Indonesia Open this year because after August to the end of the year, all Asian Tour players are not a bit full, “explained the vice chairman of PB PGI, Admiral Agus Suhartono who is also Vice Chairman of the Indonesia Open Executing Committee 2018.

Last year, Indonesia Open was done in October 2017.

PB PGI collaborated with Asian Tour in Indonesia Open practice. The total prize contested for at least USD 300 thousand. PB PGI is still trying to boost to USD 500 thousand.

Indonesia Open is not the only test event for Indonesian golf athletes who are prepared to perform at the Asian Games. PB PGI has been working on intensive preparation since the beginning of this year.

Previously they also followed the coaching program conducted PB PGI, under the foreign trainers from Australia, David Milne and lawrie Montagua.

“The preparation we are working on is very intensive, the number one so that your players are upgraded to make the score really competitive, we are the coach for high performance So far, the progress is incredible, the average they scored 75 blows, now 69. Start january this year is intense, we send it abroad, so the preparation is very serious, “said Murdaya Po.

There are a total of 14 male and female athletes prepared for the Asian Games. The counsel is only selected 4 male athletes and 3 female athletes representing the Indonesian national team. The player name announcement will be made at the end of June 2018.

In addition to technical training, Murdaya also facilitate fitness training khusjs golf in Pondok Indah fitness center. Halvini is meant to add to the fitness of all athletes, nutrition and athlete’s comfort is a concern. They are placed in Pondok Indah Golf Apartement.

Regarding the target at the Asian Games 2018, Murdaya Po said it does not charge the target for Indonesian golfers.

“The urgent golfer you must appear to be a winner, so there is no urgent terget find points to be a winner,” said Murdaya Po.