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Indonesian Reason Only to Target Bronze Medals for Golfing at 2018 Asian Games

The Executive Board of the Indonesian Golf Association (PGI) is eyeing the target at least when following the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, which opens on August 18. Based on information from PB PGI secretary general, Christine Wiradinata said, it was only targeting one bronze for 7 Indonesian athletes who competed at the Asian Games later.

Golf Asian Games 2018 - Indonesia

Indonesia is supported by 4 male athletes and 3 female athletes at the Asian Games. Indonesian golfers are expected to maximize the benefits of being able to play at their own location or precisely Pondok Indah Golf, South Jakarta.

“We aspire to contribute just one bronze. It can come from sons and daughters. We have intensified the lessons including planting athletes who will compete in the Asian Games living in apartments near the golf course in the last six months,” Christine said.

Four male golfers who won the golf national team are Naraajie Emerald Ramadhan Putra, Kevin Ceasario Akbar, Jonathan Wijono and Almay Rayhan. Whereas the use of the daughter is reinforced by Rivani Adeli, Ribka Vania and Ida Ayu Melati Putri.

Not long ago, the seven golf national team athletes competed in the Indonesia Open which took place July 12-15 2018. “Based on the information from me the golf national team is strong enough to face the Asian Games later. Even in a number of championships, amateur golfers can defeat professional golfers,” Christine said, adding.

Christine said, the Indonesian Golf national team only needs to sharpen mentally. The problem is, he believes the skills of Indonesian golf athletes are on par with golfers from other countries.

“Capability is the same as other golfers. It’s just a mental problem. Golfers should be able to handle it because they play at their own location,” he said.

He revealed that Indonesian golfers always need to be positive when fighting. “I remember in the Malaysian SEA Games, your athletes performed poorly on the first day. But after another briefing, in three days they could catch up with silver,” he said.

Not burdened by the government

PB PGI said, the government did not put a burden on the target for golf sports. Only, Indonesia, said Christine, was about to end the dry medal at the Asian Games sports.

“At the previous Asian Games, you have never been able to get a medal. For the toughest opponents, maybe Thailand and Japan. In the women’s sector, maybe China. We should have won medals for this time,” he said.

Indonesian Beautiful Golfers Beware of Three Countries at 2018 Asian Games

The 2018 Asian Games will be rolling soon. A number of athletes from various sports continue to prepare themselves. No exception to the beautiful-looking Indonesian golfer, Rivani Adelia Sihotang.

The beautiful long-haired curly athlete continued to train in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. The 18-year-old Dara is studying for six days from Tuesday to Sunday.

In addition to observing the 2018 Asian Games event is getting closer, there are also three countries that he watches. South Korea, Japan and Thailand are the opponents faced on 24 August.

“Actually, the use of golf at the 2018 Asian Games is various players from amateurs to professionals. There is South Korea, Japan and Thailand quite good,” said Alet who found a scholarship to study abroad after the 2018 Asian Games.

Even so, the three countries did not shrink their determination to perform optimally. Moreover, Rivani and his friends have the advantage of being in a field that is not often used.

Rivani who understands the area on the right hole can force opponents to lag far behind. However, this Jakarta-born woman must continue to measure herself, especially to face Thai players.

“A Thai golfer who is still 14 years old is playing well. There is even a strong wind, but we know the direction. That’s the advantage,” he said.

Although from the Indonesian Golf Association (PGI) there is no emphasized gold medal target, Rivani has a big ambition. Having found a silver medal in Singapore in an individual number, Rivani is about to win gold at the 2018 Asian Games, especially in team numbers.

“From PGI there is no target. Anything that is urgent is a medal. But, I want to perform optimally with the team, it is very difficult to donate silver or at least bronze,” he concluded.

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