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The Golf Organization in Indonesia

It’s been a long time since I did not talk about playing golf technically huh? : D Well, I continued again about non-technical problem: P This time I want to peel about any golf organization found in Indonesia.

Based on the position of players, there are two golf organizations in Indonesia that is amateur and professional. This is a reasonable division for all sports in both Indonesia and the world. Amateurs do not necessarily learn golf, but golfers who do not make golf the main activity. The same understanding for other sports.

The Indonesian amateur golf organization is named: PB PGI, short for the Great Management of Indonesian Golf Association. PGI is surely taking shelter under KONI as the parent of all amateur sports organizations in Indonesia.

The development and cadre of golf in Indonesia should be the responsibility of PB PGI, therefore the PB PGI has a regular amateur tournament agenda held throughout the year. PB PGI is also responsible for the handicap of each golfer in Indonesia. About handicap system in Indonesia, maybe I will peel in separate writing.

While the professional golfer organization in Indonesia is named … there are two

From the information I get, there is friction in the body of a professional golf organization Indonesia:
1. Indonesian Professional Golf Association (PGPI)

2. PGA Tour of Indonesia

I do not know how history can break that way. Do not know which one is the original. But since we-we are still amateur and newbie (apologize for the offended: P), I do not think it’s too much to question ya. Unless there are of you who want to be professional, well, please conclude would join which: D

In addition to the player’s position, there are a number of golf-related organizations in Indonesia:
1. Association of Golf Course Owners Indonesia (APLGI)

From the name already very clear if this one. It contains a collection of golf course owners in Indonesia. Although I see from the composition of members on the site, still not a few golf courses that have not recorded so a member.

2. International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) Indonesia chapter

As the name implies, this organization is a collection of golf operators all over the world. Based on information from the website, in Indonesia there are 49 members of IAGTO, but I have not yet completed the full composition of its members. that’s just a little explanation about the Golf Organization in Indonesia